IT Support

General IT Support Wizard

Our IT services company, AERIS Consulting Group, is looking for talented people to round out our rag-tag bunch of misfits. Openings are for permanent employees as well as contractor specialists for project engagements:

AERIS General IT Support Wizard

We need a jack-of-all-trades who is:

  • Personable – You are easy to get along with and genuinely care about your clients and their needs.
  • Tenacious – You don’t give up on an issue until you’ve resolved it or found a workaround.
  • Helpful – You’re asked something you don’t know the answer to; instead of saying “I don’t know” or “That’s not my job,” you open up the Google machine and start looking for a solution (or reach out to the team).
  • IT-obsessed – You built PCs for your family and friends, turned an old 386 into an MP3 player for your car, and just love playing with tech stuff. Bonus points if you used a CPU cooling system to heat your aquarium.
  • Mobile and willing to travel throughout Metro Vancouver, though most of our clients are centralized and a lot of our work is done remotely.

Essential skills:

  • Experience with and a strong understanding of supporting and troubleshooting LAN/WAN TCP/IP networks (hardware, DNS, firewalls, cabling, switches).
  • Experience supporting and maintaining Active Directory environments, including user and computer accounts, and file permission groups.
  • Basic experience supporting and maintaining Microsoft Exchange (hosted or on-premises) environments.
  • Basic to intermediate skills with Microsoft Office, particularly Microsoft Outlook in Exchange environments.

Helpful but not required:

  • Familiarity with remote access support using IPSec, RDP, VNC, TeamViewer, etc.
  • Experience with virtualization (VMWare vSphere/ESXi, Microsoft Hyper-V).

Culture and Compensation

We believe our culture is our best asset and it’s why our staff loves working with us.

  • We work independently and as a team. Sometimes we’re alone on a client site, calling our coworkers to ask and answer questions, and other times we’re working side-by-side on larger short-term projects. We assign the best person (or people) for the job, since they enjoy doing it and get it done right the quickest.
  • We work hard and play hard. You set your own schedule and work the hours you choose to (within reason). If the work’s all done and the support queue is quiet, go jog the seawall or bike Lynn Valley. Your teammates will cover for you as you will for them when it’s their turn for an afternoon off.
  • You have a say. You’re not just an employee to us. We want you to take an active role in how we grow. Really into VoIP? Excellent, you can champion bringing that service into our offerings. Want to learn how to set up and manage an Exchange/Terminal Server? Here’s a virtual slice for you to do so.
  • You can move up. We are driven and have plans to grow our company. We will need managers and partners as we take on more clients and more employees. We have a flexible framework that gives you a say in how you want your career to unfold – once you have proven you have the same mentality as us.
  • You have a voice. Tired of being ignored by management? We want to hear your ideas, dreams, and what gets you out of bed in the morning. We listen to your ambitions and try to make your dreams a reality. Hate doing a certain task? We’ll transfer it to someone else or hire someone to take it on.
  • You’re part of a team. We hold team-building meetings, whenever the queue is quiet and we aren’t on scheduled visits. We discuss client issues and swap cool tricks used to solve weird problems – usually over a fizzy beverage. We also get your feedback, what you are and aren’t enjoying about your, role so we can make adjustments on the fly.
  • Ours is a dynamic work environment. No day is ever the same: different locations, different problems and different people. Some days you’ll run around putting out fires, calling on teammates to help or jumping in to help someone else. Other days will be quiet, with you working from home or a coffee shop, watching the queue while running corporate and personal errands.
  • We compensate you well, but are always willing to discuss salary, work hours, sabbaticals, etc. But seriously, if you’re worth it, we’ll think so too!

Red Flags

  • You’re just looking for a paycheck. No thanks, we’re looking for go-getters who understand they get out what they put in and are looking to advance their career.
  • We aren’t against n00bs just out of school, but we’re not looking for someone who needs to be constantly managed.
  • You want to sit at a desk all day. That role is 6-12 months out yet. Sorry. Check back later.

How to Apply

If you’re are interested email your resume and cover letter today. We are looking for someone immediately – orientation and training included. Join a growing company with a set client base today! If you are interested please Apply Here. And please include the name of the role in the Subject line. No phone calls please.