Who We Are

A group of IT enthusiasts with a diverse set of skills in the realm of system builders, database administrators, programmers, business analysts,network architects, and project managers.

What We Do

We keep a wide range of businesses up and running on a day to day basis, while helping their business grow through analysis and project work in all areas involving IT such as desktop support, vendor selection, application implementation, and project management.

Company Overview

AERIS Consulting Group Ltd has been in business since Nov 2012 with a team of IT professionals, each wit


h 10+ years experience.  Some clients engage sporadically as the need arises while others rely on us on weekly scheduled visits to keep their systems running smoothly. We deliver onsite and remote support to ensure resolving important issues as quickly as possible without disrupting business

Company History 

AERIS has supplied boutique IT services for a wide range of clients; areas include manufacturing, legal, catering, benefit services, construction equipment, and industrial HVAC.